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torstai 16. marraskuuta 2017

Postia Saksasta - - - Post from Germany

Eilen pitkän ja rasittavan työpäivän jälkeen kun tulin kotiin löytyi postilaatikosta kirje minulle...
Yesterday as I came home after long and hard day at work I found a letter in our mailbox that was addressed to me...
Se oli Alexandralta Saksasta
It was from Alexandra  from Germany

En ollut uskoa silmiäni kun avasin sen..
I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened it..

Ensimmäisenä löytyi kaunis kortti - en tiedä mikä lintu on kyseessä, mutta koska olen pöllö-fani, niin minulle se on pöllö (^^)  - Eikö ole söpö?
The first to be found was a beautiful card - I don't know what the bird is in question, but since I'm an owl fan, so for me it's an owl (^^) Isn't it cute?
Ja sitten itse varsinainen "pommi"... Siis katsokaa..!!!
And then the actual "bomb" itself ... I mean just look at .. !!!
 Huippu-upea tikllupeitto rakastamassani omenanvihreässä sävyssä..
A real gorgeous patchwork in the apple green tones I love so much..
... ja nämä ihanat tyynyt!! (**)
... and these lovely pillows!! (**)

Ja niissä on rakastamaani Petteri-kaniini kuvioita!!
And they have Petter rabbit patterns whom I love !!

Täydellisiä Pupu roomboxiini :)  - ei, enemmän kuin täydellisiä!
They are perfect for my Bunny roombox :) - no, more than perfect!

Kuvat eivät totisesti tee oikeutta niille.
The photos don't really do justice to them.

Thank you dear Alexandra so, so much!
I love and adore each and everyone more than I could possibly ever tell.
And I can't ever tell what it meant to receive them.
I'm honored that you thought I'm worth getting them..
Thank you dear, from the bottom of my heart.

tiistai 7. marraskuuta 2017

It's just life...

 There has been so much drama and stress and all kinds of worries in my life that I just haven't had any mood for making miniatures..

The last straw was when I had to withdraw my Christmas-swap for this year :`(

My hubby tried to cheer me up by giving me this room box as a give little over month ago..

Haven't done anything with it - yet..
Well - I have decided to make it my Bunny room where I'll be putting all the bunny miniatures I'll make or collect over the time..
I'm going to make Bunny themed foods, furniture and so on and so on, what ever comes in my mind - I just need to decide whether it will be a kitchen or a living room.. 
I want to make few books there, some jars, bowls and other dishes and of course some paintings on the walls too..
And all the furniture - they must either be in bunny shape or have bunny themed paintings on them..
I don't think I'll find any fabrics around - so I need to figure out how make them - there are curtains and pillows on my list to make - so I guess I'll be learning how to x-stitch in this scale..

I'm still working on ideas, but mainly it just trying to get  through from day to day - I don't have my heart on this so far.. Just swirling the thoughts in my head, nothing else

Even a winning from Hurahduskadun Talot blog didn't bring me long-term pleasure - even that the prize was so wonderful

Should I uncork the bottle ..?
Kiitos Raija! Kirjoille on kova kysyntä joten niille on heti paikat tiedossa - kello taitaa päästä niiden kanssa samaan paikkaan. Pullo on tosi heino!!

.. But I  blame it for the fact, that we had our worst Halloween seasons rush when it came - and I was already ill at that time ..damn flu struck its claws in me - I've been coughing my lungs out now for at least one and a half weeks..

I literally cried when I had to cancel my swap - but sometimes things just go on the their way without you been able to do anything about them - I guess that's life, but I couldn't help it to get me so  depressed that I haven't much touches my miniatures making materials ever since...
  It literally took away my Christmas - we got a bill for taxes so we can't afford to buy presents this year - so I'm trying to focus on making good food and getting the house as pretty as I can with the time I have cause I don't have many days off in December to make preparations..
And this will be a last Christmas when any of our kids is living home with us..

Well... I'm just blue - I'll get over it.. Being ill with this much stress and worries just isn't a very good combination *grin*

As the song says; "The only way is up..." ...eventually... any day...  See you..